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  • 01/01/2015 - All Happy New Year 2015!
    Yesterday I made last 6 builds program of Shelk-test for FreeBSD x64 and compile the package for distribution GNU / Linux Debian x86 / x64. Now, I prepare the source code to be published on the site.
    Just want to inform you that the recoil from my program is no and I decided to do parallel service for repair and maintenance of computers. Added activity of service as a new kind of economic activity to its business. Rented office! Now after work hours to 20:00 and on Saturday I'll be in my office. Residents of Stary Oskol can come to me for computer help. So I can easily render services remotely through programs Ammy Admin and TeamViewer. I will have the lowest prices. This is all being done to save their tuition-free programs, and that in the future I could refuse to work "on uncle." The office is located at Belgorod Region, t. Stary Oskol, mcr. Vostochnyy h.18, 2 floor, office 12. :)
  • 07/01/2014 - Has passed 5 years since the formation of the project. Congratulations to all on this festive day!
    Code for all programs is open, supported by a large number of architectures and platfom, advertising is still no, the emphasis is on the end user, rather than any business plans, gradually are cleaned all of the code bugs - this is part of what characterizes the project and makes it stand out among other programs.
    Last year I wrote about the refusal of assembly programs in linux-packages, which was associated with the lack of extra time on this matter. Now I am working in a company system administrator. This shows the complete absence of time. Therefore, I decided to collect all subsequent versions of programs to maximize available to me the number of platforms, including linux-packages portable version and installer, as in OS Windows. Thus more and more people will be able to get acquainted with the project / program.
  • 05/04/2014 - Congratulations to all on the last holiday of spring and labor, and I wish your sunny mood!
    Finally released the long-awaited version of Shelk-test 1.6.2, which consists of two separate modules: Editing and Testing. Was only separation of program. Should pay attention to the absence of any password protecting edit mode, since now on student computers can be established only test module.
    I also want to say that to install all modules, choose "Default install", and for one module testing "Testing" in the installer program.

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  8. Klest-crossword - More information about this program
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  9. OpenKlest - More information about this program
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  11. Awards - Score catalogs programs
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